hostapd without management frames

Dominique Blas ml
Sat Nov 30 02:52:54 PST 2002

Le Vendredi 29 Novembre 2002 17:50, Jouni Malinen a ?crit :
> On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 03:44:18PM +0100, Magnus Ekhall wrote:
> > would it be possible to remove the handling of association and
> > authentication in hostapd and let it do only the 802.1x parts?
> Yes, it would be possible and Oleg Izhvanov has already sent a patch for
> hostapd to work without Host AP driver. This patch uses wireless events
> to get notification of new stations (this would be good to have, even
> though 802.1x could be also used so that supplicant would be required to
> start negotiation with EAPOL-Start).

Do you want to say that it is possible to use, hostapd & hostap combination
*** at the same time *** doing this :
	normal hostap behaviour (assoc. and auth management)
	802.1x hostapd behaviour (EPAPOL-Start) ?

It's what I'm looking for : a dual behaviour 
	1. for those that cannot use 802.1x (because they don't have a 802.1x client 
	2. for those they already have a 802.1x client.

I tried but the recent CVS hostapd is *** always ** waiting for TX acknowledge 
despite the type of frame.

But this is is a 802.1x specification not a 802.11 one.

I tried to modifiy CVS hostapd in order to retrieve a similar behaviour as for 
2002-10-12 hostapd while keeping TX aknowledgement but it was too much time 

With the 2002-10-12 hostapd it was possible to use classical auth. and assoc 
management while 802.1x working but it was not possible to go any further 
(frames dropped) as far as I can remember.

Note : I didn't try to compile hostapd CVS in "AP mode only" (no station 
Could it be a clue ?

Thank you,


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