Multicast with Linksys PCI WMP11 AP and PCMCIA WPC 11 ver 3

Bichot Guillaume Princeton BichotG
Wed Nov 27 07:10:14 PST 2002

I'm making some measurement in multicast/broadcast mode having one server
sending some multicast UDP traffic through a Linksys WMP 11 PCI - Hostap -
AP. The client is either the ipaq 3850 under Familiar 0.5.3 or a laptop
under Linux redhat 8.0. Both uses a Linksys WPC 11 PCMCIA card (manfid
0x274, 0x1613). 

With the ipaq:
The hostap driver simply does not work with the linksys card (it supposed to
work with this card). I got the following error:
hostap_cs: card initialization timed out
Hostap_cs: initialization failed

Any idea about the problem ?

With the laptop:
The average association time (i.e. the client detects and associates with
the AP)is 10 seconds between 256 Kbit/s and 1 Mbit/s. With a 2Mbit/s
throughput it becomes impossible to associate with the AP.  

I've tried the iwpriv command to decrease the beacon period but I got the

# iwpriv wlan0 prism2_param wlan0 beacon_int 1
# Interface doesn't accept private ioctl 
# prism2_param (8BE0): Operation not supported

I'm using the followings: Linksys PCI WMP11, hostap-2002-09-12,

Any clue to play with the beacon period ?


Guillaume Bichot
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