upgrade Prism2 firmware problem

Bob Beers bbeers
Tue Nov 26 08:26:07 PST 2002

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002 18:56:41 -0800, Jouni wrote:

> Please re-read the instructions again.. ;-)

ok, you got me, it does say to get (both) split_combined_hex 
and prism2_srec from CVS.

> > I had to modify split_combined_hex script due to "-d
> > option for mktemp not supported under linux", hence my
> > directory name has no random numbers.
> Eh? That option works fine with Linux.. At least with my
> mktemp ;-). Were did you get mktemp that does not support
> directory creation?

Slackware 8.1 /usr/bin/mktemp.  
A piece of package a/bin-8.3.0-i386-2 : the source looks to 
be debianutils-1.13.3/mktemp.c 
/* $OpenBSD: mktemp.c,v 1.4 1997/06/20 04:17:42 millert Exp 
$	*/ 
could be old??, but it's there, and it doesn't like -d.

I'll try it again, with the CVS prism2_srec.  Thanks.
Bob Beers

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