HostAp to HW-AP comm/bridging

Pavel Král p.kral
Mon Nov 25 12:53:06 PST 2002


as I understood from 10-12-2002 changelog, there is
possibility setup layer2 bridge, when linux-hostap box is in
Managed mode and HW AP (ie card with tertiary firmware) is
in Master mode (ie driver accept 4-adr WDS frames).

>From recent changelog, I read that 'added support for WDS
frames for >>>Host AP<<< mode', so this mean that my
linux-hostap box could be in Master mode (of course with
recent 1.5.x secondary firmware) and HW AP in Station mode
will be able to communicate or even better, bridge with its?

I'm not directly interested in layer2 bridging (even thought
it is pretty thing) but searching for possibility having
Master AP as linux-hostap and Station as HW AP.

Or all I realized is bad and there is only one possibility
to have tertiary firmware an use wlan-ng driver?


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