hostap & channel bonding

Christian Zoffoli czoffoli
Wed Nov 13 15:03:46 PST 2002

Michael Smith ha scritto:
> On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Christian Zoffoli wrote:
>>Jason Straight ha scritto:
>>>I see you've got a good channel spread - that's good. Try setting your AP side
>>>rate to 5.5M and see if you still get loss.
>>same problem... many loss packets (also setting the output power to ~
> Does each wireless net work fine separately, without packet loss?

It works better only it the traffic is low.
Using netperf i have noticed that (without bonding) if i test 1 channel 
the rate is ~ 5.07Mbit/s ...testing 2 channels (1 - 11) at the same time 
the transfer rate decrease to 1.90 - 1.02 Mbit/s on each channel .

> If yes... maybe the bonding stuff is going wonky.

probably, you are right ...bonding has a very strange behaviour

> I don't think you'd be
> getting interference problems with packets that small, but maybe try
> setting your txpower back to auto.

same with txpower to auto.


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