Hostap driver in Managed mode fails to identify access points (i.e. hostap in Master mode) in range!

Manjunathan PY pymanju
Tue Nov 12 08:06:54 PST 2002

   I am using hostap driver dated 2002-09-12 i.e. hostap-2002-09-12.tar.gz

I have installed this driver on two laptops with Dlink DWL 650 wlan cards.

One laptop was running hostap in Master mode while the other was running in
Managed mode.

The laptop running hostap in Managed mode failed to associate with the
access point( i.e. with the laptop where hostap was in Master mode.)

I observed that the access point's mac address displayed by the station
(i.e. hostap in Managed mode)
was always 44:44:44:44:44:44, although the actual mac address of the hostap
access point was different.

why does this happen whenever one changes the mode of operation to Managed
mode ?

Does hostap driver (release dated 2002-09-12) support only Master mode.
Because regardless of what the access point's mac address is, it always
displays 44:44:44:44:44:44 in Managed mode and fails to associate with
hostap access point.

Thanks in advance,
Manjunathan PY

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