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Tuesday, November 12, 2002, 8:36:00 PM, you wrote:

MP>  > Hello!
MP>  >
MP>  >
MP>  >>>Is it possible to get (for free) the last station firrmware (1.5.4)?
MP>  >>
MP>  >>There is the posibility of downloading the windows drivers from intersil
MP>  >>and then extract the firmware from it and downloading it to the ram of
MP>  >>your card, I have jsust written an small howto in spanish on how to do
MP>  >>this, you can get it from my home page.
MP>  >>
MP>  >>BTW, if people feels like I should put that into english I can try to do
MP>  >>it.
MP>  >
MP>  >
MP>  > Yes, it would be a good idea.  Actually, I have just did it so I can
MP>  > describe what I did.  You can include it in your HOWTO.
MP>  >
MP>  > Get the driver from Intersil.  The website is hard to navigate and 
MP> full of
MP>  > Java, so that's the direct link:
MP>  > 
MP> http://www.intersil.com/design/prism/ss/crack-n-peel/prod-drvr/drv209/ISL3PRDSUIT-EXE_WIN_(2-0-9).zip
MP>  >
MP>  > Unzip it.  Get the latest Wine (I'm using wine-cvs-opengl-101602-1 from
MP>  > http://wine.dataparty.no/).  Run the executable under Wine.  It should
MP>  > install.
MP>  >
MP>  > If it doesn't install or you don't want to click on the license 
MP> agreement,
MP>  > find data1.cab and data1.hdr in the Windows temporary directory.  It you
MP> ...................

MP> Could someone please manage to "release" the extracted firmware images
MP> (I know this could be illegal, but how about doing this on some sort of
MP> public webspace?)
MP> This would help us non-windows-users to avoid a "windows installation"
MP> with the extracting process over an over again....

MP> would really be great

MP> Martin

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