[Fwd: Re: Where to get the last station firmware?]

Martin Polak martin.polak
Tue Nov 12 01:36:00 PST 2002

 > Hello!
 >>>Is it possible to get (for free) the last station firrmware (1.5.4)?
 >>There is the posibility of downloading the windows drivers from intersil
 >>and then extract the firmware from it and downloading it to the ram of
 >>your card, I have jsust written an small howto in spanish on how to do
 >>this, you can get it from my home page.
 >>BTW, if people feels like I should put that into english I can try to do
 > Yes, it would be a good idea.  Actually, I have just did it so I can
 > describe what I did.  You can include it in your HOWTO.
 > Get the driver from Intersil.  The website is hard to navigate and 
full of
 > Java, so that's the direct link:
 > Unzip it.  Get the latest Wine (I'm using wine-cvs-opengl-101602-1 from
 > http://wine.dataparty.no/).  Run the executable under Wine.  It should
 > install.
 > If it doesn't install or you don't want to click on the license 
 > find data1.cab and data1.hdr in the Windows temporary directory.  It you

Could someone please manage to "release" the extracted firmware images
(I know this could be illegal, but how about doing this on some sort of
public webspace?)
This would help us non-windows-users to avoid a "windows installation"
with the extracting process over an over again....

would really be great


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