standard wds with STA1.5.0+?

Pablo Berra hostap
Mon Nov 11 09:26:19 PST 2002

I have a lot of WAP11s installed and they are incompatible with HostAP now.

Does anybody know where I can find the lastest firmware?

I was reading that there are two ways to upgrade the firmware: upgrade
the card in the traditional way or upload the firmware in RAM at
initialization time on every boot.
Can I do the upload to RAM with HostAP?



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>> On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 04:42:45PM +0100, Martin Whitlock wrote:


>> > It seems like Intersil has fixed a few bugs regarding WDS

>> frames in HostAP

>> > mode after f/w STA 1.5.0. Does this mean that standard WDS

>> frames could be

>> > supported now?


>> Yes, it indeed does. Receiving WDS frames was already

>> working, but new

>> station firmware image fixes transmission of WDS frames in

>> Host AP mode.

>> I changed the driver to make WDS frame type configurable for Host AP

>> mode (prism2_param wds_type bit2). If station firmware is 1.5.0 or

>> newer, the driver uses standard compliant WDS frames. This can be

>> overriden by clearing bit2 from wds_type if bogus frame

>> format is needed

>> (e.g., for compatibility with another Host AP -based AP).


>> I tested the latest CVS version of the driver with station firmware

>> version 1.5.4. Sniffed frames looked OK and I was able to

>> setup WDS link

>> between two APs using Host AP driver. I did not test this

>> with other AP

>> devices, but I would assume that WDS links can now be setup

>> with other

>> standard compliant devices.


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