Linksys WMP11 & HostAP strangeness

Carlos Tamulonis sship
Sun Nov 10 07:48:02 PST 2002


I have a Linksys WMP11 w/ sec. firmware 1.4.9 in a redhat system w/ kernel
2.4.20-rc1, latest wireless extensions, tools and hostap.

I also have a W2k laptop w/ a USR 2210 PC card (22 MBs TI chipset).  With
hostap in master mode, the laptop is able to detect the WMP11 as an access
point, but is not able communicate with it properly, i.e. the USR utility
reports the link as disconnected, pings & stuff don't work.  Switching to
ad-hoc mode both cards communicate fine.  I believe the WMP11 should work
properly w/ hostap w/ firmware 1.4.9, so is the problem with my USR2210? Or
should I upgrade my WMP again to the 1.5.X firmware?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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