Version 3.27.1 released

Chris Brady chrisjbrady at
Thu Mar 18 04:35:38 GMT 2021

Why was this not announced to the list? CJB

On 17/03/2021, George Eycott <george at> wrote:
> Not sure it has been mentioned on here (if it has I missed it, sorry), but a
> new version of get_iplayer came out in February.
> Changes in 3.27
> Removed deprecated --tag-utf8 option
> For a programme downloaded multiple times, history search now returns the
> most recent entry with an extant media file instead of the oldest entry.
> Web PVR
> 	Programme info pages and help page now open in new window/tab
> 	Play* links now open in new window/tab
> 	Play* links are no longer displayed for deleted files
> 	Play Direct links should now work in Firefox, Chrome, Edge (but not Safari)
> With Remote Streaming type = Auto
> 	Play Direct links are now only displayed where MP4/M4A files (or MP3 files
> from obsolete versions of get_iplayer) are available
> 	Removed Quicktime, AVI streaming formats
> 	Added MPEG-TS, Matroska, AAC, Vorbis streaming formats
> Windows: Fixed incorrect documentation link in installer finish screen
> macOS: get_iplayer should work on Apple Silicon systems via Rosetta 2, but
> this has not been verified. The developers do not have access to an Apple
> Silicon system.
> get_iplayer 3.27 or higher is required with Mojolicious 9.0+. Earlier
> releases of Mojolicious will continue to work with get_iplayer 3.27 or
> higher.
> Hope that is helpful to someone 😊
> Cheers
> George
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