Version 3.27.1 released

J K.Eason mail at
Mon Apr 12 21:03:00 BST 2021

> J K.Eason wrote:
> > but there's still no way of GIP accessing that live iplayer feed, 
> > whether truly live or delayed.
> The iPlayer live channels are streamed via HLS the same as VOD 
> content.  If you find and open, say, the HLS stream for BBC One in 
> a player which supports seeking, you'll be able to rewind it just 
> fine.  As such, GiP could do the same thing.
> However, I don't see why you would want this.  GiP doesn't allow 
> you to watch or record live programs at the moment, full-stop, 
> which seems like a logical prerequisite to adding 
> rewind/fast-forward.  I don't have the statistics on this, but it 
> seems like programs lasting longer than, say, 120 minutes are the 
> exception rather than the norm.  In most cases, you can just wait 
> for the program to finish and have it appear on the iPlayer within 
> minutes.  This is different to how things used to be, with it 
> sometimes taking multiple hours (or days!) for the iPlayer to have 
> a copy of a broadcast.

All this discussion is academic anyway as there hasn't been any new
development work done on GiP for years to my knowledge. All the updates
have purely been to make things work again after the BBC has broken
access to GiP in some way.


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