Version 3.27.1 released

George Eycott george at
Mon Apr 12 19:32:48 BST 2021

That said, in answer to the original question, no there is no way of
get_iplayer recording that buffer. ISTR in a much earlier version it could
record the live stream (though I am prepared to be corrected if that was
some other similar utility) but that the facility was removed, possibly when
it was broken by BBC changes.

> > None at all. That buffer is purely a function of your Smart TV and is
> > nothing to do with the BBC.
> Actually that is not the case nowadays, there is a two hour "buffer" built
> IPlayer. To see it in action go to Iplayer on the BBC website, pick a
> and choose to watch it live. You can then go back up to two hours. This
> means that on a smart TV for example you can go back up to two hours
> without it needing to have been on that multiplex (or even turned on) for
> the time covered by the buffer.
> Things have moved on since the days of the Tivo method of pausing live tv!
> Cheers
> George

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