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Dave Widgery dave.widgery at
Mon Sep 28 08:45:30 EDT 2020

A few years ago I had a problem due to a disk crash I lost all my
history, some nice person on this group told me where to comment a
line out the perl script so I could run get_iplayer and populate my
history file without actually downloading everything,

Maybe you could do the same then run get_iplayer as if to download all
the storyville episodes, you could then just edit the history file and
remove the entries for the programs you actually want then run
get_iplayer again after you have uncommented the line.

Unfortunately I cannot remember which line to comment out, I have had
a look in the perl script and cannot work out which line it would be,
but maybe some other helpful person who understands how the script
works could point you in the right direction, in fact it would be
useful to have a switch on the command line to be able to do this,
there have been several occasions I would l have liked to do a dummy
run on a download without actually downloading anything.

Hope this helps.


On Mon, 28 Sep 2020 at 11:41, Chris Walker
<cdw_pcmail at> wrote:
> Hopefully somebody can help me with this problem.
> I'm trying to avoid downloading any Storyville programmes older than
> this year. I thought that if I included a search for <firstbcastyear> of
> 2020 that would do it but looking at the subparams page on github I see
> that field is not included in the listformat.
> So is there any way to avoid grabbing old versions of Storyville or
> should I simply resort to manually grabbing any episodes I might want?
> I have considered some form of regex on the info but don't have a clue
> where to start!
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