OT Question on audio downloads from youtube

Budge ajebay at errichel.co.uk
Mon Sep 28 08:13:46 EDT 2020

On 27/09/2020 14:58, Jim web wrote:
> In article <fbfa2fa4-dea5-f5ae-0f94-04288229ff0a at errichel.co.uk>, Budge
> <ajebay at errichel.co.uk> wrote:
>> By way of a footnote in my search I found some beautiful videos of Bach
>> Cantatas from the J.S. Bach Foundation which I was able to watch on TV
>> with audio through fibre to my amplifier/speaker system.  So pleased was
>> I that I thought I would go for a video download and this worked OK
>> until YouTube stopped me.  I must have exceeded some limit but it was
>> good while it lasted!  
> If you were getting them via YT-dl then it might be worth my saying:
> My impression is that YT often "shuffle the deckchairs" behind the scenes.
> I can't tell if this is aimed at blocking methods like YT-dl or not. But in
> practice I find it is often necessary to get an 'updated' version of YT-dl
> in order to, once again, fetch items from YT.
> BTW I found some nice (audio) examples of  performances by George Malcolm
> the keyboard player on YT. Not all of which seem to have been re-issued by
> 'Eloquence'. Like his playing as it sounds like music rather than an
> academic exercise. :-)
> Jim

YT still working well on different machine and not yet sorted out Shevek's fix but have been distracted by watching Rudolf Lutz and J.S. Bach Foundation on decent TV screen plus amp fed by Toslink.  They are embarking on a rather ambitious project or 12 Cantatas per year but have some great soloists and excellent band with several strong keyboard performances.  BWV 35 would be a good place to start if you don't already know this version.  

I too have been a fan of George Malcolm.  Managed a recital many many years ago and look out for his recordings.  Will have a look at what you found.  


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