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> By way of a footnote in my search I found some beautiful videos of Bach
> Cantatas from the J.S. Bach Foundation which I was able to watch on TV
> with audio through fibre to my amplifier/speaker system.  So pleased was
> I that I thought I would go for a video download and this worked OK
> until YouTube stopped me.  I must have exceeded some limit but it was
> good while it lasted!  

If you were getting them via YT-dl then it might be worth my saying:

My impression is that YT often "shuffle the deckchairs" behind the scenes.
I can't tell if this is aimed at blocking methods like YT-dl or not. But in
practice I find it is often necessary to get an 'updated' version of YT-dl
in order to, once again, fetch items from YT.

BTW I found some nice (audio) examples of  performances by George Malcolm
the keyboard player on YT. Not all of which seem to have been re-issued by
'Eloquence'. Like his playing as it sounds like music rather than an
academic exercise. :-)


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