YouTube with OBS

Peter S Kirk peter.kirk at
Mon Oct 26 18:15:23 EDT 2020

On 26 Oct 2020 at 14:37, Peter Corlett Peter Corlett <abuse at> 

> On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 11:50:47AM +0000, michael norman wrote:
> > On 26/10/2020 11:40, Chris Brady wrote:
> >> An alternative to actual downloading it is possible to use the free
> >> open-source OBS screen capture app. to copy YouTube (and many other clips)
> >> direct from the screen. I've used it for RTE programmes.because RTE-Player
> >> doesn't appear to work in the UK. CJB
> I doubt that RTE's geographic blocks are any harder to get round than any other
> broadcaster's and so you should be able to stream it from the UK if you really
> wanted to. It is hard to argue against the convenience of YouTube though.
> > I'll ask again, what does this gave to do with GIP ?
> Oh, I don't know, why *would* people on a mailing list which discusses a
> GitHub-hosted downloader of rights-managed content care about a takedown of
> another GitHub-hosted downloader of rights-managed content? And why would they
> care about workarounds if get_iplayer went away or was otherwise rendered
> inoperable?
> I note from
> that SquarePenguin has thrown in the towel on get_iplayer's only other public
> support channel, noting that Dinkypumpkin had already stopped participating. I
> can't say I can blame either of them, what with all of the moaning ninnies.
> get_iplayer has a bus factor of 1, and was already at great risk of going away
> even before these recent developments. So the answer to your question and your
> repeated question is "quite a lot, actually".

Peter, Well said. Don't think I've ever moaned about any GiP bugs, 

Hugely grateful for what GiP does and huge thanks to "The Team" of 1, 2 +

I do hope Dinky or someone else will keep GiP updated


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