YouTube with OBS

Peter Corlett abuse at
Mon Oct 26 09:37:14 EDT 2020

On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 11:50:47AM +0000, michael norman wrote:
> On 26/10/2020 11:40, Chris Brady wrote:
>> An alternative to actual downloading it is possible to use the free
>> open-source OBS screen capture app. to copy YouTube (and many other clips)
>> direct from the screen. I've used it for RTE programmes.because RTE-Player
>> doesn't appear to work in the UK. CJB

I doubt that RTE's geographic blocks are any harder to get round than any other
broadcaster's and so you should be able to stream it from the UK if you really
wanted to. It is hard to argue against the convenience of YouTube though.

> I'll ask again, what does this gave to do with GIP ?

Oh, I don't know, why *would* people on a mailing list which discusses a
GitHub-hosted downloader of rights-managed content care about a takedown of
another GitHub-hosted downloader of rights-managed content? And why would they
care about workarounds if get_iplayer went away or was otherwise rendered

I note from
that SquarePenguin has thrown in the towel on get_iplayer's only other public
support channel, noting that Dinkypumpkin had already stopped participating. I
can't say I can blame either of them, what with all of the moaning ninnies.

get_iplayer has a bus factor of 1, and was already at great risk of going away
even before these recent developments. So the answer to your question and your
repeated question is "quite a lot, actually".

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