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Interestingly the Genome service has an \Explorer option whereby it is
supposed to allow you to search the Archives. However I've not yet got
it to find anything.

When doing a search on Genome itself sometimes there are links to
recordings on iPlayer.

There are indeed quite a few OTR enthusiasts who have provided long
forgotten recordings from off-air. One series recovered entirely from
enthusiasts was "Parsely Sidings."

There's a great guy one Keith Wickham who restores off-air recordings
for R4X. He's on Facebook.

On another group on FB a member reports:

Re: I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again

"Having a clearout before a house move and these tapes, 'obtained'
when I worked in the Tape Library at Ken.House, will be donated to
Kaleidoscope for their safe keeping. They are the un-cut studio tapes
for the complete 1973 series of 'I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again'. The
BBC actually has digital copies of all of these (plus some more) which
I gave them, via Keith W.... a few years ago. Oh, did I get even a
'thank you'? Nope. So, the tapes will go to Chris Perry's Kaleidoscope
team as they'll probably keep them better than the Beeb will! Just
noticed that there is a reel missing from the 11.11.73 recording, it's
here somewhere! I still have to locate the some other stuff too, the
loft beckons! Oh, in case you're wondering, I 'obtained' them when I
was told to wipe them and re-use the tapes. I took them home instead."

That gives us some hope ...


On 06/07/2020, Jim web <web at audiomisc.co.uk> wrote:
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>> I would love to hear the programmes made by such pioneers as Charles
>> Parker, A.L.Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Michael Mason, Charles Chilton, Alan
>> Lomax, and many others. But their works have all been consigned to the
>> 'dusty archives' never to be heard again - that is if the archives
>> ever had them anyway.
> I've certainly heard items from series like the Chilton 'space' series. +
> Some MacColl. And I do think the BBC are gradually adding more archive
> material to an accessible 'archive'. The problem is that this is a slow
> process given the resources they have.
> Personally, I'd love to hear "The Northern Drift" again. But suspect most
> people now would  be baffled by "Close the coalhouse door"!
> However, much material will have been lost... and sometimes then recovered
> from 'home recordings'. ;->
> One of the curios here is the clash between trying to limit home recording
> and then using it to recover 'lost' material decades later. Various items
> have appeared again having been recovered from private recordings.
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