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> I would love to hear the programmes made by such pioneers as Charles
> Parker, A.L.Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Michael Mason, Charles Chilton, Alan
> Lomax, and many others. But their works have all been consigned to the
> 'dusty archives' never to be heard again - that is if the archives
> ever had them anyway.

I've certainly heard items from series like the Chilton 'space' series. +
Some MacColl. And I do think the BBC are gradually adding more archive
material to an accessible 'archive'. The problem is that this is a slow
process given the resources they have.

Personally, I'd love to hear "The Northern Drift" again. But suspect most
people now would  be baffled by "Close the coalhouse door"!

However, much material will have been lost... and sometimes then recovered
from 'home recordings'. ;->

One of the curios here is the clash between trying to limit home recording
and then using it to recover 'lost' material decades later. Various items
have appeared again having been recovered from private recordings.


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