Demise of get_iplayer PPA

Mark Grant m.grant.prg at
Sun Jul 5 05:49:23 EDT 2020

I noticed in the Release Notes for v3.26 the announcement of the demise
of the get_iplayer PPA. I have, for a number of years, been packaging
and publishing my own software for Debian and Ubuntu. So far I have
done the same for get_iplayer on Debian but only for my own
consumption. With the demise of the current PPA, and given that I would
continue to package get_iplayer for myself, I thought it should be
straight forward to extend that activity to a PPA and a Debian

So, FWIW, my PPA now builds packages for Bionic, Eoan and Focal, and my
Debian repo has packages for Stretch and Buster.

Ubuntu PPA
If you wish to use this then you should remove the old PPA. Then add
the new one:-

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:m-grant-prg/utils
sudo apt-get update

Debian Repo
Please follow the instructions at:-

A Couple of Points To Note
* This is a packaging-only project, no upstream project file will be
* Packaging-only issues can be addressed, software issues should be
addressed upstream.
* get_iplayer has substantial functionality. This fuctionality cannot
be tested as part of the package build and publication.
* This is, of course, best effort only.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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