resumption of download does not work

RS richard22j at
Sun Jan 14 04:57:31 PST 2018

From: Dr. Axel Stammler
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 2:20 PM

>Unfortunately my internet connection is slowly and unreliable — but Get I 
>Player has been
>coping with that increasingly better, so first of all: Thank you!

>There seems to be (at least) one particular programme that offers a 

>   INFO: Downloaded: 28.24 MB (00:01:55) @ 0.53 Mb/s (hvfxsd1) 
> [audio+video]
  > WARNING: Failed to download file segment [16]
  > WARNING: Retrying tv: 'Himalaya with Michael Palin - 3. Annapurna to
Everest (b0074qpt) [pre-watershed]'

>This goes on endlessly I am afraid. Usually downloads are resumed and 
>finish perfectly,
>here this seems not to work.

See the v3.11 release notes
about the string "pre-watershed" or any string containing a hyphen) and 
resuming partial downloads.

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