Downloading Podcast?

Budge ajebay at
Tue Jan 2 15:11:25 PST 2018

Hi Richard,

On 02/01/18 21:15, RS wrote:
> From: iz
> Sent: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 4:26 PM
>>> Why cannot GiP get a podcast for which I have the pid and can play on 
>>> my pc?
>> Your clip is only available in Flash format, which GiP doesn't 
>> support. This is unrelated to podcasts. Your clip was a promo item, 
>> not a podcast episode. GiP can download the actual >podcast episodes.
> You can download it with get_iplayer v2.99 and --tvmode=flashvhigh 
> provided you kept a copy of rtmpdump.exe when the installer removed it.
> You can also get .mp3 podcasts and .pdf transcripts of all four of the 
> Astronomer Royal's 2010 Reith lectures at
> Earlier I suggested using VLC to convert it, but I have since found that 
> does not work.
> I had a surprising amount of difficulty playing the clip in Firefox.  I 
> started with Ubuntu and Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 and did not manage to run 
> it. I then booted into Windows 10 and Firefox 57.0.2.  It only played 
> after I had re-installed Flash.  When I got home I tried it on my main 
> machine with Windows 10.  Before I did I had allowed Firefox 57.0.2 to 
> be updated to 57.0.3.  This time re-installing Flash was not enough.  I 
> tried the steps on Adobe's website, to no avail.  There was just a a 
> message telling me I needed Flash, but no pop-up by which I could allow 
> it to be run.  I did a fair amount of searching and reading before I 
> found from
> that there was an icon in the location bar I could click.  (I did not 
> get the in-page UI.)
> Adobe's and Mozilla's plans are set out here.
> I shall have to think about reverting to the Firefox v52 Extended 
> Support Release.
> The Times has recently started including video clips.  So far I have 
> been unable to play them.  I don't know if they are using Flash.  I do 
> not know enough to be able to tell from a web page whether it is using 
> HTML5 or Flash.
> As for b and p PIDs, I remember having a discussion with Vangelis when I 
> suggested there was a distinction.  I was wrong.  I have not managed to 
> derive any reliable rule for distinguishing them.  Sorry if I have 
> caused any confusion.

Many thanks for the info.  So it was not my error for a change!

I only wanted the clip to complete the "set" as I am a bit of a fan of 
Martin Rees. I shall not invest more time on this as I have just ordered 
several of his books and I have the four lectures anyhow.

A discussion on Firefox could take us OT but I have been greatly annoyed 
by the recent significant changes to Firefox (FF) which have broken 
almost all the add-ons I use.  More significantly one of my sons-in-law 
is in IT and his firm use FF on critical work related tasks.  They are 
switching to Chrome and his colleagues are doing likewise for their 
private systems also.

Thanks again for the help and advice.

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