Downloading Podcast?

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Tue Jan 2 13:15:00 PST 2018

From: iz
Sent: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 4:26 PM

>> Why cannot GiP get a podcast for which I have the pid and can play on my 
>> pc?

>Your clip is only available in Flash format, which GiP doesn't support. 
>This is unrelated to podcasts. Your clip was a promo item, not a podcast 
>episode. GiP can download the actual >podcast episodes.

You can download it with get_iplayer v2.99 and --tvmode=flashvhigh provided 
you kept a copy of rtmpdump.exe when the installer removed it.

You can also get .mp3 podcasts and .pdf transcripts of all four of the 
Astronomer Royal's 2010 Reith lectures at

Earlier I suggested using VLC to convert it, but I have since found that 
does not work.

I had a surprising amount of difficulty playing the clip in Firefox.  I 
started with Ubuntu and Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 and did not manage to run it. 
I then booted into Windows 10 and Firefox 57.0.2.  It only played after I 
had re-installed Flash.  When I got home I tried it on my main machine with 
Windows 10.  Before I did I had allowed Firefox 57.0.2 to be updated to 
57.0.3.  This time re-installing Flash was not enough.  I tried the steps on 
Adobe's website, to no avail.  There was just a a message telling me I 
needed Flash, but no pop-up by which I could allow it to be run.  I did a 
fair amount of searching and reading before I found from

that there was an icon in the location bar I could click.  (I did not get 
the in-page UI.)

Adobe's and Mozilla's plans are set out here.

I shall have to think about reverting to the Firefox v52 Extended Support 

The Times has recently started including video clips.  So far I have been 
unable to play them.  I don't know if they are using Flash.  I do not know 
enough to be able to tell from a web page whether it is using HTML5 or 

As for b and p PIDs, I remember having a discussion with Vangelis when I 
suggested there was a distinction.  I was wrong.  I have not managed to 
derive any reliable rule for distinguishing them.  Sorry if I have caused 
any confusion.

Best wishes

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