Perl error get_iplayer 3.12 running on windows 7

Dave Widgery dave.widgery at
Thu Feb 22 04:42:01 PST 2018

Thanks for the reply but unfortunately (or fortunately) I currently only 
have a single drive (C:) and it still has 67Gb of disk space left.


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>On 22/02/2018 07:21, Dave Widgery wrote:
>>I went to manually run the get_iplayer command prompt today and a 
>>error box popped up with the following message.
>>Perl.exe - No Disk
>>There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive
>My best guess is that the message means exactly what it says! How much 
>disk space is left on your C: drive?
>More generally, although diskspace may or may not be the problem here, 
>it is worth reiterating how unfortunate it is that Windows, like many 
>other OSs, defaults to storing everything on one drive or partition, 
>whereas many experienced people would claim that it is better to put 
>the OS on one drive or partition - leaving enough diskspace spare for 
>swapspace, the hibernation file, to run updates, install some new 
>software, accommodate an occasional large temporary file, etc - and to 
>put the user data on a seperate drive or partition. That way user data 
>can completely fill its drive or partition without grinding the PC to a 
>halt, whereas if everything is on the same drive or partition, 
>excessive user data can prevent the creation of temporary files, 
>prevent increasing the amount of swapspace when needed, etc, and thus 
>the OS can grind to a halt.
>C E Macfarlane.

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