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Dave Widgery dave.widgery at
Wed Sep 20 03:54:48 PDT 2017

Hi Thanks for the info, I was unaware of the download feature as the
App has only just started supporting my Android phone and I have been
using the PC version until now that doesn't appear to support

One question, again OT but if you happen know the Android app, is
there anywhere to specify the download directory, it is refusing to
download programs because I do not have enough space as it is trying
to download to the main memory, but I do have lots of space on my SD
card if I could only find a way of directing it there. I have sent a
request to C4 support but still waiting for a reply.


On 20 September 2017 at 12:18, James Scholes <james at> wrote:
> Channel 4 programs are up to their necks in DRM protection unfortunately.
> The iOS application has supported protected downloads for some time; I
> should imagine they're using Google's Widevine DRM on Android.
> Regards,
> James Scholes
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