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Hello Shareef

If you haven't run GiP for some time, it's likely that the programme you are trying to record is not in the cache as the source now used is only good for the last seven days. If you run GiP once a week (or more often) the cache will build up to four weeks' worth of programmes, with older programmes (28 days or a bit more) being removed from the cache. I'm fairly sure that's how it works since the last major rebuild following the BBC's changes to the source that GiP uses.

If it's not in the cache, your search won't find a match, but using the pid allows GiP to get the programme source directly, even if it's not in the cache.

If I'm wrong, I'm sure that somebody will correct me.



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Hi there,

not used get_iplayer for a long time so it's very possible I've done
something stupid.  I've just installed the latest Windows executable
following the install instructions, however, I'm unable to see
programs that I know are available.

I want to download an Annie Mac radio show from R1 and traditionally I
would have searched using 'get_iplayer --type=radio Annie'.  This
fails to show any entries.

I can download an episode directly using the PID if I find one from
the website, such as p05fdry0, but searching shows nothing.

% get_iplayer "Annie Mac Live"
> nothing

% get_iplayer --pid p05fdry0
> -==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==-
INFO: Annie Mac Live Mix - Waze & Odyssey Ibiza Mix (p05fdry0) Already
in history - use --force to override

I've tried refreshing the cache, resetting the cache (which hung), and
am all out of suggestions from the wiki.

Thanks, Shareef.

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