A few ffmpeg queries

michael norman michaeltnorman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 05:44:31 PDT 2017

On 14/09/17 12:31, J K.Eason wrote:
>> On which subject - there's a new channel on Freeview called
>> FreeSports. But it doesn't show up in EyeTV on my Mac, using an
>> Elgato Diversity tuner. Anyone have any suggestions to fix that?
>> No, re-scanning the channel list didn't help.
> It's available and viewable on my old Samsung TV and on my Humax
> HDR-2000T on channel 95, but according to
> http://www.a516digital.com/2017/08/faq-new-sports-channel-freesports.html
> " Freeview/YouView Reception notes:
> *Freeview coverage is limited to around 3/4 of the UK. To receive the
> channel on Freeview, you need  a device that is compatible with Freeview
> HD or Freeview Play and be able to receive channels such as "QVC HD/QVC
> Beauty HD" on Freeview 111/112 or "More4+1" on channel 86. If you can't,
> you won't be able to see FreeSports."
I have a Humax HDR1800T , I'm in East London and FWIW having just tested 
the channels you mention I can't get a signal.  My device is compatible 
with Freeview HD etc, and has the latest software update.

Probably a problem best referred to Humax support "if" its a Humax 
issue.  They are pretty helpful.  Probably involves a manual retune to 
point to the best transmitter.

What this has to do with GIP I've no idea.


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