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RS richard22j at zoho.com
Thu Sep 14 02:25:27 PDT 2017

From: Alan Milewczyk
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 16:32

>I don't have multi-satellite facilities so I've never tried that in the UK, 
>however, at some stage, I may look into that for the Philippines.

Nowadays you don't even need a motorised dish.  You can mount several LNBs 
on one dish and switch between them with a DiSEqC switch, so you only need 
one cable.  The LNBs that are off centre will have a weaker signal.

> ...
>The custom firmware for the Humax-FoxsatHDR is great because you can view 
>the full Freesat EPG on your PC and select programmes to record using that.

I have never fully understood the issues with EPGs.  When FreeSat was in its 
infancy I had a FortecStar Passion+ which had something similar to FreeSat. 
It was able to display the full 7-day EPG for FreeSat channels.  For 
channels on other satellites I only got Now and Next.

I then had a Labgear box which was described on Amazon as supporting 7-day 
EPG, but I was only getting Now and Next.  When I took it up with Labgear 
support I was told what it meant was that where the 7-day EPG was available 
free of charge the box would support it.

The Triax box I am using now seems to have an updated version of the 
firmware on the Labear box.  For channels on Astra 2E/2F/2G I only get Now 
and Next.  For some Hot Bird 13 channels I get the 7-day EPG.

Best wishes

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