OT: Re: A few ffmpeg queries

Alan Milewczyk alan at soulman1949.com
Mon Sep 11 08:32:26 PDT 2017

On 11/09/2017 12:33, RS wrote:
> I have never used a Humax.  I bought a second-hand one years ago, but 
> I think it had a faulty power supply.  The more recent models have 
> FreeSat. It seems to be a general limitation of satellite receivers 
> that I can have Freesat or multi-satellite with DiSEqC and USALS but 
> not both.  I
> prefer multi-satellite.  The multi-satellite boxes are generally cheaper
> (maybe through not having to pay a FreeSat licence fee) and less locked
> down, although support is not so good.

I don't have multi-satellite facilities so I've never tried that in the 
UK, however, at some stage, I may look into that for the Philippines.

> I find Teamviewer useful for remote control of my PC.  It has occurred 
> to me that I could use it to set up get_iplayer downloads remotely, 
> but I have never done it. 

I use Teamviewer and it's superb for that purpose, although net speeds 
in the Philippines are a challenge - it's a flaky service and I don't 
get much above 1Mbps, whereas here in the UK, I'm at 200Mbps!

> I am not usually abroad long enough for the 30 day limit to be a 
> problem. Being able to control recording on my satellite receiver 
> remotely would be useful.  I have been looking on Amazon, and there 
> are now a few android receivers.  I have never got very far with 
> android. Google seems to want to control what I can do even more 
> rigidly than Microsoft, although I have found some pages suggesting 
> ways of running Linux on an android device.  On Amazon and TechKings I 
> came across a range of Linux receivers with the name Zgemma which look 
> interesting .

I use get_iplayer for anything on the Beeb that's available through 
iPlayer, the rest, such as ITV, Channel 4, etc are for the Humax box. 
The custom firmware for the Humax-FoxsatHDR is great because you can 
view the full Freesat EPG on your PC and select programmes to record 
using that. I do however have to set things up the day before as the 
Humax needs to be rebooted remotely for recordings set up this way, but 
you get used to working ahead.

>> As the Humax records some programmes with two audio streams (the
>> standard plus a Narrative stream)

> The Basic page of Mediainfo gives quite a good indication of what 
> streams there are in a file. 

Ah I wasn't aware of this program, I'll have a look at it later!

Kind regards


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