Download errors on both TV and Radio

Nick Lord nick.lord at
Sat Mar 18 14:41:59 PDT 2017

I found this very useful:

On Sat, 2017-03-18 at 22:04 +0100, Dave Widgery wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks James for that, I did have a look at it a while ago when
> things
> first changed, but the default was downloading at much higher
> resolution hence much bigger files which wasn't very good with my
> slow
> download speed and I was also experiencing picture freezing although
> sound continued OK, This I put down to the old machine I am using, so
> I just went back to the old method with the intention of
> investigating
> further at a later date, Do you happen to know the correct options to
> give me an equivalent download size, currently about 320-340Mb for a
> 30 minute program? I will also have a look at the help myself to see
> if I can work it out.

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