VERSION-get_iplayer Says 2.94.

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Mar 15 13:32:08 PDT 2017

On Wed Mar 15 12:57:49 GMT 2017, Alan Milewczyk wrote: 

> if the github link has been posted for one old version 
> then it's highly probably there 
> are other versions online as well!

Greetings Alan :-)

 All released versions of GiP code can be found 
on GitHub repo at:

 Under "Downloads" for a specific tagged version, 
fetch either the .zip or tar.gz package. 
Decompress into folder with your favourite utility.
get_iplayer file is the main perl script, while 
get_iplayer.cgi is the WebPVR script.
On Windows OS, you'll have to append the ".pl" 
file extension to the main script (but not to the .cgi one...)

 It goes without saying you'll have to back up existing 
versions of the scripts, or rename the older ones 
accordingly and invoke them with "perl" 
or some other way (e.g. by modifying .cmd files...).
I won't be held accounted for if you manage to 
break your existing GiP installation - you're on your own!

 As for the win32 installer, this is the GitHub releases page:

but only the latest version can be retrieved:

The installer contains a customised trimmed package 
of Strawberry Perl (x86) portable. 
While v2.98+ no longer depends on some perl modules: 


those weren't yet removed from the self-contained 
Perl package that comes with the 2.99 installer, 
so will still work with older versions of the script...


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