VERSION-get_iplayer Says 2.94.

Alan Milewczyk alan at
Wed Mar 15 04:57:49 PDT 2017

On 15/03/2017 19:51, Alan Milewczyk wrote:
> On 15/03/2017 19:01, RS wrote:
>> Is v2.96 still available anywhere?  I have got the 2.96.1 .zip file 
>> for the Windows installer, but I can't find a file in it.
> Mark has now posted it, but for information, the file 
> is produced during the installation. When I get back to the UK, I must 
> do a series of "test" installations on a spare PC using various 
> archive versions of get_iplayer and keep the resulting .pl files 
> should we have future glitches.
> A 

Doh, makes note to oneself..... think before posting... if the github 
link has been posted for one old version then it's highly probably there 
are other versions online as well!

It's the heat folks.... 34C and a much higher heat index... nearer 40C 
yuck... :-(


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