VERSION-get_iplayer Says 2.94.

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at
Tue Mar 14 17:41:50 PDT 2017

> I'm using 2.94 and finding --pid does not work now the BBC data has gone
> AWOL again.

Correct! An extra fallback was added from 2.95 onwards for this sort of scenario.

> What are the downsides to manually moving up to 2.99? 

I don't think there's any problem manually updating. For the time being I have downgraded back to 2.96 because it can see more metadata than 2.99 can. As 2.96 can see more metadata, downloads are still getting filenames that mean something. 2.99 cannot see enough metadata to make a meaningful filename.

> Shouldn't the guidance message about --pid still working be made condition on a version since otherwise it's causing confusion.

Sort of... Dinky has always made it clear that he will only offer support for the most current version of GiP although other users may still support you on an older version. Because of this, if Dinky reports that --pid is still working, it means he has tested it on the current release which is 2.99.

So the guidance message about --pid still working is technically attached to the condition that you are using the most up to date version available. Although I agree there will only probably be a handful of users who understand that. 2.94 though is coming up to being 2 years old and a lot has changed over those 2 years.

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