Workaround for "aactomp3"

RS richard22j at
Tue Mar 14 10:12:41 PDT 2017

>From: RS Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 16:12

>In the meantime you could experiment with something like
>--command-tv rename <fileprefix>.mp4   <title>.mp4
>I haven't tried it, so you may need to add some quotes.

Sorry I am being silly.  A simpler solution is
--prefs-add --fileprefix="<title><pid>"

Alternatively you could add <title> to your existing fileprefix, so 
<nameshort>, <senum> and <episodeshort> will be populated again when the 
metadata feeds are restored, and in the meantime <nameshort> and 
<episodeshort> will show <pid>

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