Workaround for "aactomp3"

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Thanks, Richard.

Both "dafstd" and "hafstd" are, for some reason, only downloading at about 
2Mbits/sec. For TV downloads with "hlsstd", by comparison, I'm getting 
12MBit/sec (what I'd expect from my Internet connection speed which is about 
13.5Mbit/sec). Are these new modes always slower than the old flash modes? 
(I am in the UK, if that makes any difference.)



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>A final question if I may: to download radio programmes I previously used 
>"--mode=flashaacstd". What is the nearest equivalent to this with 2.99, 

You can use --radiomode=dafstd or --radiomode=hafstd for 128kbit/s.  DAFstd
seems to be about 10 times as fast (40Mbit/s).

If you go abroad you can use --radiomode=dafmed for 96kbit/s.  Someone said
HAFstd worked abroad, but I haven't tried it.

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