Loss of XML feeds...

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Mon Mar 13 23:18:21 PDT 2017

[Apologies, but my mailer has, mysteriously so,
malformatted the last part of my previous post;
reposting for clarity:]

 Of course the maintainer is fully aware of its existence,
but has withheld reference to it
because it is to be used only as a last resort;
it involves web-scraping HTML pages for TV and
(along the various limitations cited in the commit'smessage)
has a serious toll on the beeb's servers!
We, as GiP users, do not want to bring the beeb's servers
down to a crawl...
For "academic" reasons,

get_iplayer-299.pl --type=tv -f --force --ybbcy --refresh-exclude="BBCAlba,BBC 

took 12min to build a tv.cache of 1086 entries (YMMV);
local channels are ignored by default.
--ybbcy switch applies to GiP 2.95+

 As is the wish of the maintainer,
for further directions & guidance
keep your eyes open in the Support Forums:


Kind regards 

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