HLS/DASH downloads resumable across sessions

Richard Cole richard42k at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 6 06:35:50 PST 2017

This was a feature introduced in v2.98.  The most common problem I have, 
rather than needing to resume the download, is not having enough free disk 
space for twice the file size.  In addition to the downloaded file a 
temporary file is created during the multiplexing by ffmpeg, and if there is 
not enough disk space the multiplexing fails.  The downloaded file is 
preserved, so it is possible to run ffmpeg manually.  However it has taken 
me a long time get to the stage of knowing the parameters to pass to ffmpeg, 
and I still don't know the parameters for AtomicParsley.  What I was going 
to ask was for what I thought would be new feature, for commands to be made 
available to run ffmpeg and AtomicParsley manually after a failure.

I have now discovered the new feature already does what I was going to ask 
for.  If the failed command is repeated, there is a prompt saying the 
download is already in the history, and to use --force.  If the command is 
repeated with --force there is then a message telling you to use --overwrite 
to re-download.  Otherwise it just resumes from wherever it got to on the 
previous attempt, including just running ffmpeg and AtomicParsley if 

I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone else had not spotted this 
aspect of the new feature.

I have also noticed in v2.99 that DAF radio downloads run at about 10 times 
the speed (40Mbit/s) of HAF downloads.

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