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Wed Jul 26 05:12:24 PDT 2017

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<richard22j at zoho.com> wrote:
> There is no mention of bit rate.  If I go to that page in Firefox it
> does indeed play the programme I select, but it does not offer me a
> choice of bit rates, but automatically plays at 320kbit/s.  I have not
> tried doing it abroad.

IIRC the standard iplayer radio interface is 'adaptive' and tries to send
the highest rate the connection, method, and software shows it can deliver
to the client. So you should get 320k *unless* that seems not to work, or
something can't cope, when it may drop to trying a lower rate.

WRT TV I think the Proms files I've fetched are all 320k audio now. But
I've not checked in detail what I've got thus far. My personal regret here
is that I'd prefer the 25fps video with 320k audio, but have to go for
50fps to get it.

FWIW I've not fetched any 320k radio files of Proms yet this year. Too
busy with the flac! :-)


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