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>I wish the BBC would think more about backwards compatibility of AAC. 
>There is no problem with software players.  HTML5 and recent versions of 
>VLC fully support HE-AAC v2 with LC (Low Complexity), SBR (Spectral Band 
>Replication) and PS (Parametric Stereo).  The problem is with hardware 

>I am not alone in this list in having had difficulties playing AAC-LC at 
>all.  When trying to find hardware players which support SBR and PS the 
>problem gets worse.

Obviously what I would like the BBC to do is off topic.  Even so, I hope I 
will be forgiven for saying that I would like to see a move towards at least 
128kbit/s stereo audio in preference to adding SBR.

What I would like get_iplayer to do is to include in the documentation a 
warning of the perils of SBR for players which do not support it and to 
include in the table in
an indication of which modes use SBR and which do not.

Is the table up to date?  For HVF 50fps modes it shows the audio bit rate as 
128kbit/s or 320kbit/s and for HVF 25fps modes other than HVFlow it shows 
the audio bit rate as 96kbit/s or 320kbit/s.  I have not used the 50fps 
modes but I have occasionally used HVFxsd.  I have not seen 320kbit/s audio. 
Which programmes use it?

Is the radio table up to date?  I thought I had seen somewhere that there 
had been a relaxation of the 96kbit/s maximum bit rate when listening 
abroad.  I can't find anything about it on the BBC's website.  This page
tells me under the heading, "Can I listen to radio abroad?"
"You can also listen to BBC radio outside the UK from a desktop computer at 
There is no mention of bit rate.  If I go to that page in Firefox it does 
indeed play the programme I select, but it does not offer me a choice of bit 
rates, but automatically plays at 320kbit/s.  I have not tried doing it 

Interestingly that 320kbit/s bit rate means the radio iPlayer offers the 
highest bit rate of any mode of delivering radio programmes.  Television is 
the poor relation in comparison.  Many broadcast programmes include a 
256kbit/s AC3 stream, but for most modes the iPlayer does not offer anything 
better than 96kbit/s stereo.

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