Version "shortened"

Budge ajebay at
Mon Jul 17 03:26:55 PDT 2017

Hi Vangelis,

On 17/07/17 01:25, Vangelis forthnet wrote:


> There's an off-chance you downloaded via
> a PVR search very soon after the scheduled
> end of broadcast of that episode; for whatever
> reason, that specific episode was delayed
> (the show preceding it was overrun) and the version
> of DR uploaded initially (automatically) for AOD
> (in fact as an edit of the live radio stream) was in
> the state you described. At a later stage, the iPlayerRadio
> team did replace that initial incomplete version
> with the proper full show... More info at:

You are, as usual, correct.  It was my pvr version that was "corrupted."
After posting I did a pid download and all was well but it still as you 
confirm, had the "shortened" label.
Like I wrote earlier; never seen it before but clearly nothing to do 
with the problem I had.
Many thanks again.  Trust you are all OK in Greece.  Must be getting hot 
Best wishes,

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