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Sun Jul 16 14:42:51 PDT 2017

That may well mean that the Watchdog team have edited the programme themselves rather than getting the iPlayer team to do it. Possibly in that case, giving it the clear label "iPlayer" would make it easier for them to make sure the right version gets sent to the transcoders. The watchdog team have said on Twitter that nothing has been cut out from the programme they but did have to make some visual edits to a couple of studio shots.

There is a suggestion that during the dog DNA item in the studio, a couple of the dogs collars may have clearly shown the owners home address so they may well have edited the show to blur those out on iPlayer.

> I have not seen version iplayer before.  Does anyone know what it signifies?
> b08y7ntl (Watchdog s38e03) was broadcast at 2000 on 12 July.  For about 40 
> hours it was shown as NOT AVAILABLE in the iPlayer.  Although I was not 
> aware of it before, programmes are divided into four clip on the programme's 
> web page.  After 40 hours one clip appeared and the status changed to This 
> programme will be available soon.  The remaining clips and version iplayer 
> without subtitles appeared after about 46 hours.  There seems to be a full 
> complement of modes.
> I did wonder whether one of the objects of the programme had objected to the 
> coverage, but the  actual duration is 58min 37s so not much can have been 
> removed.  When programmes are edited for the iPlayer they are usually shown 
> as version editorial or even editorial2.

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