Playing .AAC/.M4A files on SanDisk Clip Jam

RS richard22j at
Fri Jul 14 06:35:58 PDT 2017

> Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017 16:13  I wrote

>Today I checked and found that v1.12 firmware had been released.  (I had 
>v1.10.)  That seems to have solved the problem.  I have not tested it 
>exhaustively but I have played a 56min 128kbit/s file and skipped through a 
>3h 320kbit/s file.

As I mentioned, with the v1.12 firmware the SanDisk Clip Jam will now play 
dafhigh, dafstd and hlsaacstd files.  These are all AAC-LC.  It will also 
play hlsaaclow and hafmed files, despite the SBR components.  Presumably it 
ignores the SBR components which is what it is supposed to do if it can't 
play them.  Curiously it will not play dafmed files.  It just skips silently 
to the next file.

Another oddity about dafmed is the download speed.  dafhigh and hlsaacstd 
download at about 40Mbit/s.  dafstd is about 25Mbit/s.  dafmed is nearly as 
slow as hafmed at about 2Mbit/s.

These comparisons were done with b08vwhrg and b08xbhgy.

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