Playing .AAC/.M4A files on SanDisk Clip Jam

RS richard22j at
Mon Jul 10 08:13:30 PDT 2017

This is off-topic.  If that is going to cause offence please stop reading.

I found that I was unable to play the .M4A files generated by get_iplayer 
for radio programmes on my AGPtEK player.  I received many helpful 
suggestions from this list.  One suggestion was that if I demultiplexed the 
file generated by ffmpeg and then remultiplexed it with mp4creator I would 
be able to play programmes up to 30min long.

I subsequently bought a SanDisk Clip Jam and found that had the same 
problem.  SanDisk's own website said playing of .AAC files was limited to 
clips of 15min, although that was not quite right.  I reported it as a bug 
to SanDisk support.  I was told it would be fixed in a later firmware 
release but I was not given any timescale, and I was told I would have to 
keep checking the website for the fix.

Today I checked and found that v1.12 firmware had been released.  (I had 
v1.10.)  That seems to have solved the problem.  I have not tested it 
exhaustively but I have played a 56min 128kbit/s file and skipped through a 
3h 320kbit/s file.

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