recording quality and vpn

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sun Aug 27 09:34:55 PDT 2017

  On Sun Aug 27 14:18:36 BST 2017, cc wrote: 

> can the use of a vpn limit the number of  
> recording qualities available?
> (snip) 
> I managed to get1280.x720  def  on 25 aug
> (snip) 
> it is now proving impossible for the 
> various downloads I have tried. 

... Probably the same issue (unless cc=Gautier) :

i.e. hlshd not appearing inside available tvmodes 
for an overseas user (and inferred use of a VPN...). 
FWIW, many UK inhabitants and licence fee payers 
do use a VPN service for privacy and other reasons; 
this is also not allowed by the BBC:

> If you are using a VPN and are in the UK, 
> try disabling to see if that helps. 
> If we detect you might be using a VPN, 
> you'll be unable to play programmes. 
> This is because we're unable to detect 
> the end point of your private network; 
> we need to be confident you're in the UK. 

 For the past two years, after news broke 
that several millions of Chinese netizens 
were (ab)using iPlayer, the BBC is under 
a constant battle against commercial VPN/ 
VPS/Proxy/SSL Tunnel services - remember, 
it's quite easy to spot a VPN server 
(since in the UK the commercial ones are 
usually to be found in known Data Centres 
with known IP pools), especially since a lot 
of iPlayer traffic appears to be requested 
by a single IP address. If you're using a VPN 
service or like, expect it to be blocked 
at any time; it's unwise to post about it 
here in the list, am afraid no help could 
be (/is allowed to be) offered to you... 
And it's certainly most unwise to post 
about it in the Forums, where 
1. it's against their rules 
2. they do IP checks of registered members 
(if not in the UK). 
Take your issue directly with your VPN provider... 

 FWIW, when the BBC blacklist VPN IPs, 
they usually start with their mediaselector API 
URLs, so you do get blocked at the door, 
resulting in no streams at all offered to you... 
Selectively blocking only hlshd but allowing 
other streams to appear sounds a bit iffy;  
that means that the Akamai CDN server 
(serving the hlshd stream) itself blocks the VPN IP, 
but why would the BBC do that, if other streams 
could still be accessed? 
Most probably it's an issue with the VPN itself 
and its configuration, so as Gautier surmised 

> So clearly there must be something wrong on my end. 

On Sun Aug 27 16:43:21 BST 2017, d.lake wrote: 

> Don't use a VPN - use an HTTP proxy. 
> That way you'll get full download speed 
> from a local CDN at the full range of bit-rates.

 Hi, you appear to be in the UK, so I suspect 
your recommendation to use an HTTP(S) proxy 
is for those in the UK with privacy concerns... 
In the very remote chance your advice is for non-UK 
users, then in that case there's not a big difference 
between a UK VPN and a UK proxy speedwise; 
all TV streams are blocked currently at CDN server level, 
so they have to be redirected fully through the VPN/HTTP server... 
The above info is disclosed for pure "academic" reasons... 
I suppose I (and other members) should stop 
this discussion here, so as to not upset 
even further the high powers that be...


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