TV Audio Bitrates

RS richard22j at
Wed Aug 23 16:10:26 PDT 2017

On 23/08/2017 23:49, tellyaddict wrote:
> Hi All,
> With 3.02 of GiP, all HVF modes now use 320 kbps audio. The old HLS modes still use only 96 kbps. I'm wondering whether to continue to use hlshd 1280x720 25fps 96kbps streams or whether I should switch to the slightly smaller but higher frame rate and audio bitrate hvfsd 960x540 50fps 320kbps streams. One of the main issues is dropping from true HD to iPlayer HD. Is the 320kbps audio worth the smaller video dimensions? hvfhd is unnecessarily large most of the time for little benefit.
> What do people think?

320kbit/s audio does not increase the file size much whereas 50fps is a 
huge increase.  Have you thought about multiplexing the 320kbit/s audio 
with 1280x720 25fps video from HLShd?

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