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Thanks for putting me right about the needs of some people for better than
96kb/s. It was something of which I was totally unaware.
Simon Morgan

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> Not everybody perceives and comprehends speech the same way; it is
> known that people on the autistic spectrum have difficulties separating
> speech from background noise even when they have otherwise excellent
> hearing, for example.
> At low bitrates, high-frequency components are mangled by MP3,
> introducing errors that manifest themselves as sibilance, pitch shifts,
> and in extremis an electronic "chattering" in the background which can
> be quite distracting.
> If your hearing and brain are able to filter out the artifacts, well,
> good for you. Others aren't so lucky and need higher-bitrate audio to
> be able to hear and enjoy it properly. The BBC presumably agree, given
> they now make 320kb/s audio available.


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