New radio PIDs, more than 8 characters - "solved"

Jim web web at
Wed Aug 16 01:58:12 PDT 2017

The discussion prompts some questions on my part:

1) I always used -pid <pid> to specify a programme rather than other
methods. Does this *have* to have a validation check by regex? I'd assume
it doesn't need to parse an entire url because it could just tack the value
I give onto the standard parts. Then tell me it can't find something if I
mistyped a pid.

2) If it doesn't need to check, is there a way to tell gip not to do so?
Thus dodging this problem entirely?

3) If I still need a validation regex string, what should it be and how
would I make the change?

I've not encountered any problem thus far, so currently am asking just for


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