Strange CodePage Error in GiP2.99 On XP

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Thu Aug 3 07:08:48 PDT 2017

On Wed Aug 2 21:44:06 BST 2017, C E Macfarlane wrote:

> --type tv --tvmode hafhd,hlshd

... Unless it's a typo, hafhd is a non-existent tvmode...
Did you mean hvfhd (720p at 50FPS) ?

> --pid b007c0ys ... -g

--pid always triggers a fetch (unless --info etc. are used),
so --get (-g) is redundant in this case :-)

> Cannot find encoding "cp850" at
> C:\Programs\GetIPlayer\
> line 323

That line reads:

binmode(STDOUT, ":encoding($opt->{encodingconsoleout})");

>From GiP-2.99's longhelp:

--encoding-console-out <name>  Character encoding used to encode search 
results and other output.  Encoding name must be known to Perl Encode 
module.  Default (only if auto-detect fails): Linux/Unix/OSX = UTF-8, 
Windows = cp850

 Now, I'm not a perl expert but the above indicate
that your installed Encode perl module should
autodetect your "encodingconsoleout"; if autodetection
fails or encoding is unknown to the module,
then it should default to "cp850".

 It appears that senario is now true in your setup;
but "cp850" is still not found (?), hence the error shown...

 FWIW, on my setup (WinVistaSP2 x86, en-US locale),
when I generate a debug log with GiP 2.99 I get:

encodingconsolein = cp737
encodingconsoleout = cp737
encodinglocale = cp1253
encodinglocalefs = cp1253

This is with Strawberry Perl

Ralph Corderoy wrote:

> Try using
> "--encoding-console-out cp1252" option

 Of course Ralph is a code wizard, so
he could possibly enlighten us further,
but according to --longhelp, "cp1252"
is the value used as a default fallback
when autodetection fails in the cases of
--encoding-locale & --encoding-locale-fs

C E Macfarlane wrote:

> Also, the new FFMPEG fails on XP with:

Please refer to my May post here:

for possible workarounds :-)

Kindest regards,

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