Beeb encoding different programs at quite different framerates

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Fri Oct 28 07:55:57 PDT 2016

On Fri Oct 28 08:13:07 BST 2016, Nick Payne wrote:

> The very latest episode of The Fall
> (just downloaded using hvfhd1 but not yet watched)
> is down to 647Mb for 59 minutes of 1280x720 at 50fps,
> video bit rate 1403kbps.

... I can reproduce, with "--tvmode=hvfhd2 --raw --subtitles" :

INFO Trying to stream pid using type tv
INFO: pid found in cache
3804:   The Fall: Series 3 - Episode 5, BBC Two, , default

INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
INFO: Checking existence of original version
INFO: hvfhd2 modes will be tried for version original
INFO: Trying hvfhd2 mode to record tv: The Fall: Series 3 - 5. Episode 5
INFO: File name prefix = The_Fall_Series_3_-_5._Episode_5_b080y01r_original

INFO: Downloading Subtitles to 'F:\<snipped>\Downloads/The_Fall_Series_3_'
INFO: Begin recording file: F:\<snipped>\Downloads\The_Fall_Series_3_-_5.
INFO: Recorded: 681.32MB in 00:11:47 at  7894kbps to F:\<snipped>\Downloa
INFO: Recorded file: F:\<snipped>\Downloads\The_Fall_Series_3_-_5._Episod

=> INFO: Recorded: 681.32MB in 00:11:47 at 7894kbps

On Fri Oct 28 11:04:08 BST 2016, RS wrote:

> Is this episode 5,  b080y01r?
> (snip)
> --info shows the size for HVFHD1 as 2325MB.
> The HVF downloader shows the size as 2320.91MB.

Both -i and the native perl hls downloader report the
file size you quote because that's the file size advertised
beforehand in the online resources GiP accesses to get a rough
estimate of the size of the file to be recorded
( I could bore you with the related technical details,
I opt not to for now, feel free to ask...).
GiP has no way of knowing the exact size of
the file (stream) that exists on the CDN server.

This "issue" (not a real GiP one) has come up
once before in this list, in a thread started by terry:

(more verbose explanation from my humble self at  

FWIW, I tend to stay away from the 50fps tvmodes;
While there exist indeed 50 frames in a second's worth of playback,
on most programmes (including The Fall) only 25 of them are
distinct - you can easily inspect this if you pause and
then use your player's frame-by-frame feature...


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